A custom game launcher for Lineage II private server users. It manipulates Windows' `hosts` file to set the Lineage II auth server IP. https://www.taibsu.de
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Lineage II Launcher for private servers using DynDNS (non-static IPs)


This is a VERY simple and unsafe way to start Lineage II using Windows host name resolving, e.g. for playing on servers with non-static IPs. It's a quick and dirty way, please feel free to fix stuff I might have forgotten or coded badly and create pull requests.

The executable modifies the C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file to append (or modify if already exists) the IP for the Lineage II authentification server so you're able to access private Lineage II servers that don't have static IPs. Again, please keep in mind that this is a 2-hour dirt work of a guy who never worked with Windows Sockets before. Thanks.


  • Place the file into your L2 root directory.

  • For Lineage II versions >= High Five: rename system/L2.bin -> system/L2.exe

  • Create a link to the L2Launcher on your desktop.

  • Append your host name behind the link path (L2Launcher.exe [hostname]). -> Example: C:\Path\To\LineageII\L2Launcher.exe example.com

  • Run as administrator!

Created in Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition


Download L2Launcher here