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Tibor f40fc47868 added simple build_cmd.bat to make deployment simpler. 9 months ago
Tibor c72989a9a8 fixed app icons 9 months ago
Tibor 015ada883e fill in NC directory path 1 year ago
Tibor 44cecabbf6 variable renaming 1 year ago
Tibor a6ad8e5b3b minimal design changes 1 year ago
Tibor 14b785096a translator stuff - still not working 1 year ago
Tibor faa6357fc6 Revert "added icons" 1 year ago
Tibor ae3c78afe2 icons 1 year ago
Tibor 378ead373b added icons 1 year ago
Tibor c8d88d9563 translation basics 1 year ago
Tibor 20c7db0436 added saving, animations for saving, shortcuts 1 year ago
Tibor 84f34fb987 beautified it all, added file renaming 2 years ago
Tibor 7025e7f4ce - switched OS recognition to run-time 2 years ago
Tibor d063b8d811 comments 2 years ago
Tibor 29c63cfef5 adjusted tree view 2 years ago
Tibor 3d01c01134 ListView -> GridView, added home for Linux 2 years ago
Tibor 3bfe4b5092 added function to get the Nextcloud folder using the NC config file. 2 years ago
Tibor 284515f33e added icon for file explorer and window 2 years ago
Tibor 2d71dcd7bc added links to README.md, using std::freopen 2 years ago
Tibor 8222cca494 added config4cpp and config behavior, small GUI customizations 2 years ago
Tibor 78031c2f06 README.md aktualisiert 2 years ago
Tibor e7821859f1 - added dialog for directory switching 2 years ago
Tibor 422040c958 initial commit 2 years ago
Tibor 9441f92bf1 Initial commit 2 years ago