See "heimdall"; Android Qt/C++ client for the private doorbell project heimdall. Uses MQTT to communicate.
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heimdall client


This app is not being developed on anymore.




I'm using Qt 5.15.2 in this project.


Build on Windows
  1. Clone QtMQTT from GitHub
  2. checkout the branch for your Qt version, in my case 5.15.2
  3. Install Strawberry Perl
  4. Open in Qt Creator
  5. Configure the project for the desired destination platform
  6. Build
  7. Copy the folders bin, include, lib and mkspecs into {QT_DIR}\${QT_VERSION}\{platform}
  8. Adjust paths in {QT_DIR}\${QT_VERSION}\{platform}\mkspecs\modules\qt_lib_mqtt.pri to Qt paths
Build on Linux

I haven't compiled QtMQTT on Linux yet, however I guess it would be something like this:

~$ git clone
~$ cd qtmqtt
~/qtmqtt$ mkdir build && cd build
~/qtmqtt/build$ qmake ..
~/qtmqtt/build$ make
~/qtmqtt/build$ sudo make install